Patented production

Our production is based on our unique variable program for CNC cutting, which we have developed, and CNC hot wire cutting robots with multiple wires.  We use manual cutting in preparing the blanks. When the raw material has been worked into the desired shape, it is placed in the computer-controlled CNC robots.

All our machinery is programmable using the DXF files, which is supported by most modern CAD software. Naturally, CNC programming language can also be used.

Our hot wire cutter equipped with a rotary table has a wire length of 1200mm and movement range of 1200x1200mm. Working on large individual pieces is therefore possible.

The wire moves between two XY tables and its angle can be changed all the way up to 30 degrees. This makes possible e.g. cutting a taper so that both ends are of different sizes and shapes. Thanks to the rotary table it is possible to cut completely rounds shapes. 

Horizontally, the maximum cutting length is 4000mm, height 1350mm and cutting width 1300mm


Different coating and finishing techniques offer incredible possibilities!

Several different finishing and coating alternatives can be combined with Styrofoam. Polystyrene as such tolerates water and humidity, but with a suitable coating it becomes completely impermeable to water, humidity and vapor.

Also the surface can be treated to endure hard impact or wear, in matte or with glossy surface. More information on finishing alternatives; Materials we use

Main phases of designing a new product

The process starts by filling in the basic information form at this link; we will contact you as soon as possible based on this. If this is a preliminary inquiry, please send us an email or call., or GSM + 357 (0)440 851071

After filling in the basic information form, the customer may send us a concrete product/piece or a dimensional drawing of it. This is information we use to program our production robots.

Often the quickest and most affordable further step is that the customer sends a ready DXF file of the product, which will then be converted to a form that the production machinery can read.

We agree case by case with the client how each production piece is approved before the actual production.

In case of a complex and larger entity, an engineering team will be established, consisting of the representatives of the client, possible designer/ designing agency and manufacturer.



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