We are Sulotek Ltd

Our business started from a desire to do things differently, in a new but competitive way. Ilkka Rämänen, who heads our product development team, has long experience in America from the time computer controlled manufacturing was introduced in American engineering industry.

When he returned to Finland to retire, he met Santeri Sulo, the founder of Sulotek, who wanted to develop hot wire cutting and versify the use of polystyrene and enhance its recycling and reuse.

Their ways of thinking were similar, the product development team got a new member and after a couple of years and some experiments the team produced a completely new kind of hot wire cutting method based on unique CNC software and a CNC hot wire cutting robot with multiple wires.

Bold, curious, humble and cooperative, we still continue on the road laid out by that idea. We started as a corporation in 2010 and very soon started manufacturing. By the end of 2014, we introduced our next generation large-scale cutter. We network efficiently with the product development units, experts and manufacturers of various sectors.

Business idea

The business idea of Sulotek Ltd is to utilize the constantly evolving possibilities of CNC programming in hot wire cutting, while meeting the market demands of today and tomorrow as the leading supplier of this special niche.

Operating idea

The unique, completely new and versatile variable software for CNC cutting and its application, the 3D cutting robots, developed by our company, are the basis of our financially profitable business. Thanks to this software and production line, ever since 2011, Sulotek Ltd has focused on meeting the needs of businesses and organizations with its versatile polystyrene material and using different finishing techniques. We offer solutions for creating packaging and advertizing material, product enlargements, props, interior decoration elements, ship interiors, precision insulation just to mention a few. We benefit our customers with cost-efficient, novel solutions by combining the experience and engineering competence of our cooperation network to expert engineers of many fields and the knowhow of our clients. We are able to produce astounding unique pieces and to launch serial production at short notice.

Sulotek values

The values of a small, flexible company spring from its owners, the key figures in the company, its cooperating network, clients, and life in general.

We believe in the ability and desire of inspired networks to do things better tomorrow than today, and to approach issues from new angles with an open mind.

We are an exploring, innovative company with market orientation and focus on cooperation.

We want to be efficient and economical, respect sustainable development and the environment.

Our business must be profitable so that we can carry our responsibility in the work community and operation even when the times are hard.

Sulotek Ltd is a Finnish family enterprise with social responsibility.

We operate in the city of Laitila, in Southwest Finland

Our roots are in rural entrepreneurship and we are empowered by the people and the nature that surrounds us. We are located on the western edge of the so-called Wealthy Finland, approximately 60km north of Turku on the highway to Pori. We are easily accessible and goods travel quickly to different parts of Finland and now even around the world. From the very beginning, we have been building a cooperating network of different sectors, experts and research facilities which offers flexibility and versatile knowhow. It is natural that the polystyrene materials we use are recycled, also internationally, to the benefit of our environment, clientele and business. 




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