What do we manufacture

Our company specializes in cutting 3D products and objects of soft materials such as EPS/polystyrene. We often use manual cutters in preparing the blanks. When the raw material has been worked into the desired shape, it is placed in the computer-controlled CNC machines. All our machinery is programmable using the DXF files, which most modern CAD software can read. Naturally, one can also use the CNC programming language.   Together with the customer, we tailor the products and solutions that best meet the customer's requirements. We manufacture unique products and on the other hand we also have continuous serial production. The following provides examples of product groups which we have delivered. Feel free to contacts us and tell us your needs; let us find solutions together. In some product groups we have started our own product development.

IISI Boat trestles

IISI boat trestles represent Sulotek's own design and manufacturing; they withstand winter and the chemicals used in boating. Reliable, Finnish EPS 200s boat trestle has a robust polyurethane coating.

The weight of one trestle is only 16kg and two trestles are enough to carry a boat weighing up to 4000kg.


Pipe insulation

Precisely dimensioned pipe insulation is coupled together with extremely accurate joints. Mounting is quick, the seams seal together and minimize leaks of hot/cold, and the insulation that is cut and shaped fits in a small space for example in a dug hole. Our machinery cuts insulation up to a diameter of 1300mm, the standard lengths are 1000mm and 1200mm. The insulation thickness can be chosen steplessly according to project requirements. Also the compressive strength of the insulation can be selected according to its use in the range of 100-300kPa.





Insulation for tanks, wells, and insulated intermediary covers

Our accurately measured products and strong, locking joints, enable the insulation of large tanks and pipes. Also in this product group, the thickness of the insulation can be selected steplessly according to the project requirements. The insulation material is EPS 100-300kPa.

The size of the tank or well is not a limitation, it only means that the insulation is simply put together of several pieces.



Packaging boxes and padding

Special packages may have slanted surfaces and varying shapes and even large sizes. Our serial production consists of different bottom and cover pieces, corner and support pieces shaped for transport packages, as well as small series for special packaging. Our packaging protects from cold, heat, humidity, vibration and powerful impact. Our coating selection improves the tolerance and advertizing value of the packages. They are unparalleled in air freight, for example, due to their light weight and tailored volume.



Customized and light transport cases

Excellent insulation for hot and cold. Foodstuff approved coating. The interior parts can be coated with smart pile coating.


EPS+wood+metal+plastic composite i.e. hybrid products

Examples: cold/hot transport boxes, unique products, 3D products enlargements, design products, climbing walls and miniature golf courses.
Additional advertizing value, distinctiveness, singularity, strength and varying shapes as well as bold material combinations.



Concrete molds

Next generation column molds, pedestal molds, footing molds, coated insulation boards and now also bridge arc molds.




Acoustic components

Tailored special solutions to control sound and space. Joints allow the light components to have large sizes, varying shapes, engravings or embossing, several different coating options, the most common color definitions. Great possibilities and easy mounting for a reasonable price.



3D scale models

We manufacture scale models of products, everything from a fireplace to the Olympic stadium, also prototypes describing shape.



3D products or enlargements

We are able to manufacture products/objects that are several meters in diameter thanks to accurately cut joints, from matchbox size to elephant size. Different coatings and colors make them look incredibly real. When the possibility of composite materials is added to the manufacturing process, the elephant comes with artificial hair and the zebra with stripes. 



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