What kind of clients

Sulotek's clientele is highly versatile as far as needs and business fields go. In some client groups the company/office engineers and/or constructs unique pieces, models or assemblies to which the versatile polystyrene is suited. Very often the client turns to us when looking for something completely new, different and functional to meet its manufacturing or material solution needs.   A group of its own are the businesses, which manufacture products that need light, strong and affordable protection for storage and transport. In many sectors our polystyrene products are part of our client's daily work and production.  Advertizing products and solutions, with which polystyrene is traditionally associated, are a world of their own.

Below are some examples of our client target groups and their needs. Add product photo; see in the menu all the things we manufacture.

Engineering agencies

Our clientele includes several special field engineering agencies, which in turn serve a great variety of clients. Marketing, advertizing, campaign/event and promotion agencies serve as experts in their field a very versatile set of businesses.
The same is true of actual package design agencies, which specialize in offering solutions to their clients' transport, storage, sales and marketing challenges.



Architectural firms

These special design agencies use our competence in hot wire cutting polystyrene when manufacturing 3D models of complex building and area designs.


Water and sewage construction engineers and contractors

These companies engineer and define construction sites in which quick and impermeable pipe coating is enabled by polystyrene pipe and special insulation cut into shape with millimeter precision. Often our clients are geothermal heating and cooling structure engineers.

Water, sewage, heat and cooler construction companies and contractors deal with us directly when carrying out their projects. 
For further information on our product selection and terms of delivery: toimisto@sulotek.fi, GSM + 357 (0)440 851071



Several different fields of industry

Nearly every production facility needs functional solutions for identifying and protecting its product on the way from the factory to the end user.

Often, in addition to manufacturing industrial production includes package design in which the special experts mentioned above are used.

Various bottom and protective plates, angle and corner shields, shaped internal components of product packaging, packaging wedges and other padding ensure a safe journey throughout the logistics chain. 


Thin metal sheet industry

Many different fields of industry use the services and products of the thin metal sheet industry. Among the larger fields there are electronics/electricity, communication technology, home appliance, and furniture and vehicle industries. The major product groups are different components, mounting and protective plates, casings, boxes and storage and hygiene fixtures and thin metal sheet pipe structures. 

The products are most often protected by boxes and transportation packages.


Marine industry

Our newest field is international shipbuilding industry. To one of the largest shipyards of the world we have delivered miniature golf courses and children's climbing walls to be mounted on entertainment and amusement park decks.



Composite production

Unique special products are often designed and manufactured so that they are made of composites of several materials. e.g. EPS/polystyrene, wood, metal, plastic. Our production is able to work on and combine several different materials. Our versatile coating and finishing competence offer incredible possibilities to affordably produce astounding objects, products and assemblies.



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